Trust Vehicles

The Leicester Transport Heritage Trust owns a number of vehicles ranging from a 1950 Leyland PD2 double decker to a more modern Scania L113CRL single decker.

If you are interested in local heritage buses, or have practical skills and some spare time, you might like to help us restore some of the Trust vehicles featured below. Become a member by downloading LTHT membership form from the website.

Donations, however large or small, are also vital in helping to restore and maintain the collection of vehicles owned by the Trust. Any financial support you are able to offer would be greatly appreciated and enable the LTHT to continue both its current level of activities and to develop new projects. Donations can be made online using the Paypal donate button link below.

Trust vehicles are not licensed to carry passengers for hire and reward. Sorry!

However we can help for appearance work, especially in film, TV and exhibitions. We have vehicles that are historically accurate – so if your street scene requires a bus, and it simply must be right, then the Trust can help.

OJF 191

1956 Leyland Tiger Cub

A502 EJF

1983 Leyland Olympian


1981 Dennis Dominator

UFP 233S

1977 Dennis Dominator

264 ERY

1964 Leyland PD3A/1 Open Top

PHA 505G

1968 BMMO S22

S350 MFP

1998 Scania 113CRL


1966 Leyland PD3A/1

ARY 225K

1972 Scania BR111MH

FJF 193

1950 Leyland Titan PD2

WRY 342

1960 Kirby & West milk float

6314 HA

1963 BMMO D9

PBC 113G

1969 Leyland Atlantean

UFP 175S

1977 MCW Metropolitan

PRY 808

Orange Pekoe Teas Ford van

Members Vehicles


1966 A.E.C. Renown

90 HBC

1964 Leyland PD3A/1


1967 Leyland PD3A/12

BJF 999K

1971 AEC Reliance

RHA 919G

1968 BMMO S23

TBC 163

1958 Leyland Titan

C100 UBC

1986 Dennis Dominator


1968 Leyland Titan PD3

FUT 240V

1980 Dennis Dominator

DBC 190C

1965 A.E.C. Renown 3B3RA

GJF 301N

1975 Scania Metropolitan

TBC 1X (BAH 589X)

Leyland Leopard.

C110 UBC

1986 Scania

217 AJF

1961 A.E.C. Bridgemaster

KLB 596

1950 A.E.C. Regent 3RT

TRY 122H

1969 Bristol RELL

XPD 659Y

1982 Dennis Falcon V

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