Saturday 21st April 2018, saw another successful Bus & Rail event take place at the Great Central Railway at their Quorn & Woodhouse Station yard site. Graced with superb sunny weather the event attracted 33 buses and coaches along with vintage cars and a Green Goddess fire engine. A number of buses ran in service on four routes including two different services to Loughborough Central and Midland mainline Rail stations. The Leicester Transport Heritage Trust would like to thank the Great Central Railway and vehicle owners along with those who visited that made the day such a success.

Listed below are the buses and coaches that attended and some pictures from the day along with a link to Graham Sleath’s superb Youtube video.

Buses & Coaches used in service on the day 

1934 AEC Regal 1 FV 4548. Standerwick

1944 Daimler CWA6 EKV 966. Coventry Transport

1950 AEC RT KLB 596. Browns Blue

1956 Leyland PD2 KTL 780. Delaine

1961 AEC Bridgemaster 217 AJF. Leicester City Transport

1964 Leyland Titan PD3 90 HBC. Leicester City Transport

1965 AEC Renown DBC 190C. Leicester City Transport

1966 AEC Renown FJF 40D. Leicester City Transport

1968 BMMO S23 RHA 919G. Midland Red

1972 Scania MCW ARY 225K . Leicester City Transport

1972 Bristol RELH6L JMA 413L. North Western

1975 Scania Metropolitan GJF 301N. Leicester City Transport

1980 Dennis Dominator FUT 240V. Leicester Citybus

1981 Leyland Leopard TBC 1X (BAH 589X). Leicester City Transport

1981 Leyland Olympian UWW 10X. Confidence

1986 Dennis Dominator C100 UBC. Leicester Citybus

1998 Scania S350 MFP. First Leicester

 Volvo B7RLE KX05 MJF. First Leicester

BUSES & COACHES – Displayed Only

1939 AEC Renown CBC 921. Leicester City Transport

1952 Crossley DD42 CRC 911. Derby Corporation

1954 AEC RT OLD 714. London Transport Green

1958 Leyland Titan TBC 164. Leicester City Transport

1958 Leyland Tiger Cub MTL 750. Delaine

1962 BMMO S15 5056 HA. Midland Red

1965 Bristol MW DNU 20C Midland General

1966 Leyland Atlantean DTL 489D. Delaine

1971 AEC Reliance BJF 999K . Straws Coaches

1973 Leyland National GAU 728L. Nottingham Transport

1973 Leyland Leopard XRR 615M. Barton

1979 Bedford YMT EBC 567T. Paul S Winson Coaches

1979 Leyland Leopard. KAU 564V. Barton

1986 Mercedes C120 UBF. PMT

2018 AD Enviro YY67 HDF. Arriva