Buses for sale in Belgium

These buses are for sale in the Antwerp region of Belgium and include ex Leicester City Transport, Leyland Titan PD3, GRY 63D;

Chevrolet “Omnibus” AJ95517, 1952, pictures.
AEC Reliance (GWG 94) HU3RV549, 1955, pictures.
Ford Koln Rhein G39T2129717, 1955, pictures.
Ford Koln Rhein G39T2129506, 1955, pictures.
Leyland PD3A/1 Open Top (GRY 63D) L61398, Leicester 1966, pictures.
Renault “Paris bus” 825026, 1937, pictures.
Bedford J2 Plaxton (CBA 966L) CDJ1BCW102463, 1963, pictures.
Bedford VAS2 Duple Midland (PMM 392E) VAS27849666, 1967, pictures.

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